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How to Place An Order

HomeChef-6926Getting delicious meals delivered to your home has never been easier!

Option 1: Place an order online
Simply select the size, type and number of meals you desire from our menu and complete the order including details such as your name, delivery address, and the contact details. Then complete your payment online. Orders need to be submitted 2 days prior to their delivery day. If the order has been completed correctly you will receive a confirmation email.

Option 2 – Call Our Office
Customers have the option to call our Home Chef office on (08)9378 2544 to set up a new account and place their order, no later than 2 days prior to your delivery day. Please advise our Customer Care Team is you would like us to call you as a curtesy prior to delivering in your area, otherwise customers can call in their orders just when they need us.

Option 3 – Email Ordering
Once customers have set up an account either online or via phoning our Home Chef office, orders can be emailed to our orders@homechef.com.au dedicated order email address. Please specify your customer name, delivery address, contact number, payment method and the date you want the delivery as per our standard delivery schedule.

Option 4 – Regular Orders
Customers can set up regular orders of up to 4 rotating menus by phoning our helpful Customer Care staff on 9378 2544, so that you don’t need to organise your orders ongoing, and only need to contact us when you want to put your order on hold.

Please note on all payment methods – cash is not our preferred payment method, but as a last resort. Cash or cheque on the day of delivery can be organised by phoning our office.

Orders must be placed no later than 48 hours (2 days) prior to your designated delivery day. There are no Monday deliveries. Tuesday deliveries must be in by Friday morning. Our office hours are 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 2.00pm Friday. We are closed all public holidays.

HomeChef-7263We all lead the busiest of lives these days, so whether you have been working late and long hours at the office, been convalescing after an illness, have special needs or simply just too tired to cook, Home Chef offers a perfect and cost effective solution for people who are in need of a nutritious alternative to cooking.

Meals On Wheels Customers

Follow the online order process above and select ‘MOW’ when choosing your payment method. We will process your order & email you to confirm your order & payment. OR Call our office and we will be pleased to assist you with your order.

Corporate Customers & Bulk Orders

Call or email our Office.
Ph: 08 9378 2544
Email: orders@homechef.com.au