I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was beside myself with the sudden down turn in my parents health who are over 2000km away.  You went above and beyond to help when I was feeling so helpless.

You made such a traumatic day OK.  I believe good things will return to you as I felt you were my angel today.

I thought I had struck the jackpot Tuesday night when I noticed your delivery day was Wednesday.

Looking back I would have realised it’s a tad late to put in an order ,online and at 10pm!!!!.

When I called and started to break down you were so kind and offered to enquire if you could get it couriered out to Gosnells.

Oh my I was so grateful

My mum was cross at me but that’s how she is ( finds it hard to accept help).  Dad is so grateful so the load is taken off Mum (he can barely boil water)

Mum is out of action until the allergic reaction to Chemo cream which has given her swelling on the brain and neuralgia.

They both commented on how lovely and fresh they look.

Mum will quietly be relieved dad is not going unfed. With his bronchitis !!


It is Companies and people like you that make the world of a difference to this world.

May you have the most wonderful week.

Kindest Regards\

Narelle – Port Hedland

Please thank all the staff for the lovely meals and for looking after her

I was really impressed with the Roast Beef & Roast Pork this week

The individual packing of the clients orders is a great idea as it will make our process more efficient and easier to use. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Excellent meals, reasonably priced.

Just had the minted lamb casserole and it was the best ever. Thank you very much.

We have enjoyed most of your meals so far and are looking forward to the convenience of obtaining more. The quality is good and most meals provide a filling dinner. The Veal Cordon Bleu is a triumph! I heartily enjoyed every bit of it. 

I served one of our Volunteer Drivers your Savoury Mince for lunch today. It looked very appetising and I said so. When the Volunteer finished the meal, he came to my office to tell me the following; “ that’s the best meal I’ve had, very nice, very tasty and it was nice to see the carrots and peas”.

Thank you so much for your help to me in your wonderful meals.

Today my loss is 10kg, just like to say in all my years of dieting I have never lost 10kg in eleven weeks.

This isn’t anything like a diet. Thank you all.