The NDIS is a wonderful opportunity for customers to access their funding to cover the cost of the preparation and delivery of their meals.  If you have any questions about how we can help you access your NDIS funding for meals, please email us at referrals@homechef.com.au

Self Managed/ Plan Managed

  • Email a copy of your NDIS plan to referrals@homechef.com.au to enable the GST free pricing on your new Home Chef account.  If you require assistance with this, please ask your Support Coordinator to email it through on your behalf.
  • Start ordering your meals which will be delivered to you by one of our friendly drivers.
  • A copy of your invoice will be emailed the afternoon before your order is delivered – we require your email, or your Support Coordinators email address. This invoice can then be submitted to the NDIA (for self managed) or your Plan Manager (for plan managed) for 70% reimbursement.  *Please note – we do not email invoices directly to Plan Managers on your behalf.

NDIA Managed

  • Contact your Support Coordinator to request a quote for our meals from referrals@homechef.com.au.
  • Once both you and your Support Coordinator have approved the quote, we will send you a NDIS Service Agreement to fill in and sign.
  • When we have received your signed agreement, our Package Team will create your service booking on the NDIA Portal.
  • Once confirmed, our friendly Package Team will be in contact with you so you can start ordering your meals with us.
Item Category Self / Plan Managed
Customer Price (ex. GST)
NDIA Managed Customer
Price (25%) (ex. GST)
NDIA Provider Invoice (75%)
(ex. GST)
Petite Meal $9.60 $2.40 $7.20
Regular Main Meal $10.80 $2.70 $8.10
Large Main Meal $12.40 $3.10 $9.30
Puree Meal $13.20 $3.30 $9.90
Breakfast Meal $8.80 $2.20 $6.60
Soups $6.00 $1.50 $4.50
Desserts $4.40 $1.10 $3.30
Bites $5.60 $1.40 $4.20
Regional Delivery Fee Zone 1 $11.36 N/A $11.36
Regional Delivery Fee Zone 2 $15.00 N/A $15.00

A $5.50 per order administration and service charge will be invoiced directly to the NDIA, and payable from the clients NDIS budget.

NDIS customers are not charged GST in accordance with ATO guidelines.  All prices above are not including GST.

What’s our Satisfaction Guarantee?

We guarantee our meals, so if you are not satisfied with our meals or our service call our customer care team and we will either replace, credit or redeliver your order to your satisfaction.

Why our meals are different!

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Why our meals are different!

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