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Why our meals are different!

Getting delicious meals delivered to your home has never been easier!
Orders must be placed no later than 11am the day prior to your designated delivery day.
No lock-in contracts

There are no contracts associated with ordering from Home Chef and you are more than welcome to order weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or only when needed.  We have a minimum order of $59.40 which is equivalent to 5 regular size meals and keep in mind that we can only deliver to most locations in the metro area weekly and more distant locations fortnightly.

We deliver to some regional WA areas
We are always growing and trying to reach as much of the community as possible.  Because our state is so vast it is hard to reach everyone, but we are doing our best and we are always looking at new places to go.  If you would like to know if we can deliver to you, please check out our Deliveries page or call our Customer Care Team.
Ordering online
For all online orders, create a Home Chef account by providing a few details such as your name, delivery address, and best contact details.  Then browse our extensive selection of meals choosing your preferred size and quantity and add them to your cart.  Once you have finished, complete your order by selecting one of the available payment methods. Orders need to be submitted 2 days prior to their delivery day. If the order has been completed correctly you will receive a confirmation email.  There is a one-off Administration fee of $6 for new customers so we are able to set you up in our system.

Don't feel comfortable ordering online?

If you don’t feel comfortable ordering online then we have a couple of other options too.

Customers have the option to call our Home Chef office on (08) 9378 2544 to set up a new account and place their order, no later than 2 days prior to your delivery day. Please advise our Customer Care Team if you would like us to call you as a courtesy prior to delivering in your area, otherwise customers can call in their orders only when they need us.

Once customers have set up an account either online or via phoning our Home Chef office, orders can be emailed to our dedicated order email address. Please specify the customer name, delivery address, contact number, payment method and the date you want the delivery as per our standard delivery schedule.

We also have an option for those who need a little more assistance with ordering. Customers can set up regular orders of up to 4 rotating menus, so that you don’t need to organise your orders ongoing, and only need to contact us when you want to put your order on hold. Contact our Customer Care Team to set up permanent and rotating menu options.

We accept Visa & Mastercard payments

When you order over the phone or online, all credit card details are encrypted and represented as a CommBank Card Token stored on your customer profile, so no personal information is accessible or saved at any time.

If you have any queries or concerns about paying, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team and we can organise another option for you.

Corporate Customers & Bulk Orders

We can also arrange corporate and bulk orders for organisations that require it.  Please get in contact with us if you wish to organise a larger order.

Call or email our Office.
Ph: (08) 9378 2544

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to call our Customer Care Team on (08) 9378 2544 and they will answer any questions or try to solve any issues.
No, you are not required to sign any contracts. If you like the meals (and we know you will!) you can re-order when you need more.
Yes, anyone can order whether you are a senior, managing a chronic disease, disabled, blind, recuperating at home, trade and FIFO worker, office worker, busy mum, carer, a community, or religious organisation, or even a student.

Yes, there is a minimum order of $59.40. This is equivalent to 5 regular meals.

Yes, if requested, our Customer Care Team will contact you to remind you when it’s time to place your next order and take your order if required.

Home Chef needs to be contacted by 11:00am PRIOR to day of delivery by phone at (08) 9378 2544 or email to change or cancel an order. A late Cancellation Fee of $16.00 applies to orders that are not cancelled prior to the order being picked for delivery. Changes cannot be made on the same day your order is being delivered.

Yes. The contents are completely recyclable. You should check with your local shire to check you are recycling the materials properly. We continually look for ways to improve our packaging, so please note that these materials are subject to change.

$6 Account establishment fee (once off initial fee for new customers).
$16 Late cancellation fee applies to orders cancelled less than 12 hours prior to delivery day.
Emergency deliveries are charged as per quote from the Customer Care Team.
Esky charges of $9.90 for a regular and $13.20 for a large will apply if any esky has not been left out when no one is home to receive the order.
Delivery Fees apply for Regional areas. Please contact our Customer Care Team for more information.

What’s our Satisfaction Guarantee?

We guarantee our meals, so if you are not satisfied with our meals or our service call our customer care team and we will either replace, credit or redeliver your order to your satisfaction.

Why our meals are different!

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Why our meals are different!

Log in to your account below to start your order

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